The Fashion Milestones & History

A journey of being fashion industry leaders and trend setters

TEJOO FASHIONS was founded on the philosophy and vision of Sh. Tejoo Mal Ji in 1965 by Sh. Siroo Mal Ji, Sh. Radha Kishan Dass Ji & Sh. Lakhmi Chand Ji, who all traveled around India in order to source exclusive handpicked women’s ethnic wear to be traded to various entrepreneurs visiting Chandni Chowk. They developed a strong relationship with various suppliers and manufacturers across India which enabled them to provide Ladies’ salwar suits with a profoundly different aesthetic from what was found in the leading stores in Chandni Chowk. Their main aim was to provide “best quality at best prices” which is still the core part of the business to date. All the hard work, dedication, and commitment helped them to open the first Tejoo Fashions wholesale unit in Delhi.


In early 80’s with the arrival of Sh. Manohar Ji, Tejoo Fashions started its own manufacturing of raw fabrics, jacquard, handloom, and prints collaborating with various industry experts across India to have the best quality fabric at the best price to be used for production using the expertise of various artisans from across India.


In late70’s with the inclusion of Sh. Om Prakash Ji, Tejoo Fashions started their own production using the local expertise of artisans, hand embroiders, printers, and fabric dyers. This started a new revolution in Tejoo Fashions giving an upper hand over its competitors.


In mid-90’s Mr. Naveen & Mr. Narender entered the family Business and helped Tejoo Fashions to grow its sales and space by three times to meet the demand for its product by various entrepreneurs from different parts of the country. The main unique selling point was that the customers were able to see a huge variety of products, select what they like, and pay for them at the same time, which they could take with them or get delivered or dispatched on the same day (SEE IT, LIKE IT, BUY IT)


In the new millennium, Tejoo Fashions opened its doors to one of the largest wholesale units in Chandni Chowk of 22,000 sq. ft., trading over two floors and carrying the whole operation in the same building from processing to dispatching of goods. Tejoo Fashions became a ONE STOP SHOP for all, where the entrepreneurs from Pan India were able to meet their purchasing needs under one roof at the best price. They were also the industry leader to have all its products barcoded at a fixed price and install an ERP system catering to wholesale business to have a smooth operation for all its customers and stakeholders. This year also saw the launch of www.tejoofashions.com reaching people not just in India but across the globe.


In the latter half of the millennium Tejoo Fashions opened a new factory where the new technology of multi-head machine embroidery was installed producing huge volumes of exclusive women’s ethnic wear in a short span of time at the best prices. This not only opened doors for new horizons but also gave employment to the people living nearby.


In 2011, Tejoo Fashions expanded its horizon in the readymade segment by opening its new wholesale unit in a prime location selling kurtis, readymade suits and leggings. Interestingly, Chandni Chowk was not a popular destination for these products but with experience and dedication, the new expansion paid a lot of dividends and proved a great success among the customers.


After successful years in Readymade Women’s ethnic, Tejoo Fashions opened its door with a brand new showroom of 9,000 sq. ft. showcasing more variety, better display, and own production of various readymade garments catering to the market demand of Designer Kurtis, Leggings, Readymade Suits, Lehengas and the market revolution Ethnic gown.


Tejoo Fashions participated in its first International Exhibition held in Dubai showcasing its wide variety to exhibitors from various countries, which in turn made its products available to customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Middle East, South East Asia to name a few, who are looking for quality women’s ethnic product at best prices.


We expanded our customer base to the UK, Malaysia, Canada, Dubai & USA.


We expanded our sales floor to allow for a better product display, to provide a wide variety of products to our clients under one roof.



Setup integrated processes within the organization by incorporating technology for smooth functioning of operations like procurement, customer relations, dispatch and delivery.



Launched 3 new brands Ikshita, Beu Bella & Samskriti. Tejoo Fashions will be launching a new extension to expand further the choices it offers to its customer under one roof to meet the ever-changing demand in the market. We’ll also see the launch of Tejoo Fashions B2B Mobile App (VRIDDHY) both on Android and IOS platforms where customers can see new products and buy at the same time to get the products delivered at their doorstep with the use of their fingertips 24/7.